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Revolutionizing municipal water treatment


NODDIS has developed an innovative approach to environmental intelligence, specifically the scanning, analysis, and treatment of fresh water and the monitoring of simultaneously occurring environmental factors. It replaces expensive, custom designed water treatment plants with factory built and tested units that are skid mounted and easy to transport. NODDIS integrates water and air quality, weather, and hydrogeological and other environmental data to provide a full picture of what is impacting water systems in REAL-TIME. Our partnership with Noralta insures the highest industry standards for 24/7 remote monitoring while our highly skilled and trained water operaters maintain each facility to "Our Standards" to provide the highest level of safety for your community. Our triple check philosophy utilizing Level 3 Water Operators,Chemical Engineers, and Microbiologists overseeing all operations gives a true real-time level of expertise. Our cultural diversity makes it easy to communicate information directly to our clients around the world and our remote engineering allows us to make changes to each system in real-time including emergency shut down.

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